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Welcome to Belton Small Animal Clinic!

Belton Small Animal Clinic Staff

Our Doctors!

Linda Hankins, DVM, Dana Tedesco, DVM, Suzanne Brown, DVM, and Kasandra Hill, DVM want to welcome you to Belton Small Animal Clinic.


Our retail area offers collars, leashes, shampoos, toys, dental products as well as foods.

Retail Area

We offer a wide variety of specialty foods. 

Retail Area

We have toys for all pets.

Reception Desk

Our receptionist's will greet you with a smile and ask you to "weigh in"!  Just for your pets!


Judy and "Diva" our resident house cat.

Exam Room

We have 4 exam rooms where our technician and doctor will greet you.


Our pharmacy stocks the most up-to-date medications for your pets needs.

Exam Room

Dr. Brown examines a patient while Casey assists.

Large exam room

Our large exam room is where a multitude of procedures are performed.

Exam Table 1

Dr. Hankins and Chrissy examining a patient.

Exam Room

Many of our dental cleanings and dental x rays are performed at this location in our large exam room.

Dental Table

Drs. Hankins and Tedesco examining a patient after Sharon had taken dental  x rays.

Dental Cleaning

Dr. Hill and Sharon preparing a patient for a dental procedure.


We use digital radiographs to aid in diagnosing potential problems with your pet.


Dr. Hankins performing a neuter on a patient.


Our surgery suite is fully equipped to meet any surgical need.


Dr. Sims performing a neuter.


Dr. Tedesco performing surgery on a feline patient while Sharon assists.


Dr. Webster performing a spay on a patient.

Dr. Brown performing an ultra sound.

Ultra sound equipment.


Ania grooming one of our patients.

Grooming Area

Kris working her magic on one of our patients.

Bathing Area.

Small Dog Kennel

Our small dog boarding area.

Large dog boarding area

Our large canine boarding runs.

Boading/Drop Off Exams

Because sometimes it just takes three technicians to entertain a patient while he is being examined.


Senovia and Chrissy trimming a patient's nails. Nail trimming is very stressful for some patients and they need a secure hold so they do not hurt themselves.

Blood Draw

Deborah performing a blood draw while Lauren assists.

Nail Clipping

Jimmie holds the patient as Erica does the clipping.

Dental Exam

Dr. Hankins and Sharon performing a dental procedure.

Exam Table

Dr. Tedesco getting some"sugar" from a patient.

Dental Exam

Dr. Hill performing an extraction while Deborah assists.