Our New Online Store

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Dear Clients,

Here at Belton Small Animal Clinic we are always in the process of updating the services we offer. With that being said, changes are made and new avenues are taken. Our latest improvement has been to our online store. We just recently changed our supplier and are implementing a new online store. Our new store, hosted by MyVetStoreOnline, can be accessed from our website at www.beltonsmallanimalclinic.com by clicking the Online Pharmacy tab or the button on the bottom of the page.

Our online store will stock pet food, pet supplies, monthly parasite preventions and some medications.  As before, all prescriptions will require an approval from one of our doctors before it can be filled. Approval of heartworm medicine depends on when your pets’ last heartworm test was completed. If you just had a heartworm test and are requesting a 12 month supply, then that prescription will more than likely be approved. If your heartworm test is due in 2 months and you have requested a 6 month box of heartworm prevention, that prescription will be declined since your test is due that soon. In this case, we would suggest you purchase 1 or 2 single doses to get you through until your pet had an updated test and then a new prescription could be filled for a 6 month package or a 12 month package.

Please feel free to check out our new pharmacy at your convenience, day or night, and let us know what you think.